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RTS Craft & Design Award Nomination!

We're really pleased to have received a nomination in the RTS Craft & Design Awards 2018! Our animated short for Newsround "Empire Windrush" has been nominated in the Programme Content Sequence Category.…

RTS Craft & Design Award Win 2017!

What a real honour to win an RTS Craft Award 2017 on Monday night for Finding My Family: Partition - A Newsround Special Well done team! Another proud moment for us! Thanks to Georgina Bowman and Lewis James at Newsround and Debbie Martin the producer.…
27.11.17 | RTS Awards

June Brown at 90 on BBC One

Our lovely title sequence for June Brown at 90 went out last night on BBC One. Congratulations to Gloria for the lovely animation. Brava!…
17.02.17 | BBC One | Animation

RTS Craft & Design Award Win!

We're so chuffed to say we won an RTS Design & Craft Award last night! The Left-Behind Children for Newsround was a joy to work on - well done team, Hugo, Amy and Jeanette! Thanks also to Lewis and Georgina at BBC Newsround for their support and giving us the opportunity to work on something so special. Here's to many more...! …
29.11.16 | RTS Awards

RTS Craft & Design Award Nominations!

We're really chuffed to receive 2 nominations in the RTS Craft & Design Awards 2016! Both Newsround animated short films "The Left-Behind Children" and "The Battle of the Somme" have been nominated in the Programme Content Sequence Category. Fingers crossed for the awards on November 28th!…
28.11.16 | Animation

New Series of Absolute Genius!

The new series of Absolute Genius: Monster Builds starts today! Dick and Dom are on a new quest to go head to head with the world's most fantastical feats of engineering. Check out our new titles for the show and quirky content graphics!! CBBC - Wednesdays at 5pm …
19.10.16 | CBBC | Animation

The Battle of the Somme

We have just finished our new animated short for BBC Newsround on the Battle of the Somme -…
30.06.16 | CBBC

The Left-Behind Children

Our new animated short for BBC Newsround is going out tonight! It also has extensive coverage on the BBC website.…
12.04.16 | CBBC | Animation

New Website Design

We have a brand spanking new website thanks to lovely Field Design in Sheffield. …
11.03.16 | Made in Colour

British Animation Awards!

We are so chuffed and proud to say we have 2 nominations in the British Animation Awards for 2016! Our film we made …
07.03.16 | Made in Colour | Animation

Paul Hollywood City Bakes

We've just finished the branding and titles for Paul Hollywood's new show for The Food Network 'City Bakes'…
04.03.16 | Reef TV for Scripps Network

Discovering Britain

Discovering Britain, formerly Disappearing Britain, is back on More 4 every Wednesday…
31.01.16 | Reef TV for More 4

What Britain Bought in 2015

We loved creating the in show graphics for Mary Portas' new Channel 4 Show - What Britain Bought in 2015. Lovingly we cut out - sprilalizers, bottles of prosecco, Olaf from Frozen and BB8 !…
28.12.15 | Sundog Pictures

Bear Grylls' Survival School

Bear Grylls' Survival School is now on air on CITV on Sunday mornings. We provided Branding, Titles and Logo Design. …
27.12.15 | Potato for ITV | Branding